JR TECH catalog

JR TECH catalog
JR TECH catalog

Spare parts for dry or lubricated vane vacuum pumps, oscillating piston, diaphragm, dry vacuum pumps, roots, diffusion pumps, cryogenic pumps and dry vane or beak compressors

  • Gasket sets, gasket kits
  • Maintenance sets and repair kits
  • Filter kits
  • Vanes and vane sets in graphite, carbon, synthetic resin
  • Suction and discharge filters
  • Mechanical parts: rotors, stators, shafts ...
  • Electrical resistors for diffusion pumps
  • Oils and greases for vacuum pumps: mineral, synthetic, di-ester, PFPE, silicone oils for diffusion pumps, mineral greases, silicone, PFPE ...

Filters for vacuum pumps and compressors

  • Suction filters with paper element, polyester, polypropylene, activated carbon, pleated stainless steel fabric ...
  • Oil bath filters for very dusty environments
  • Oil mist separator filters
  • External oil filters with paper element, activated dirt, activated alumina ...
  • Silencers for vacuum pumps or compressors

Oils and greases for vacuum pumps

  • Oils for lubricated vane pumps: mineral, synthetic (di-ester), PFPE (Fomblin or Kritox) oils
  • Oils for diffusion pumps: mineral oils, silicone oils
  • Vacuum greases: silicone greases, PFPE, high temperature mineral grease

Vacuum fittings

  • ISO KF stainless steel fittings: clamps, flanges, centering rings, tees, crosses, reducers, adapters, hoses and bellows
  • ISO F and ISO K stainless steel fittings: clamps, flanges, centering rings, tees, crosses, reducers, adapters, hoses and bellows

Manufacturers and vacuum pumps brands

  • ADIXEN - ALCATEL: Pascal I Series vane vacuum pumps SD C1, C2 and H1, Series A AC C CP CP +, dry vacuum pumps ACP ADP ADS, roots RSV, Crystal diffusion pumps
  • AGILENT - VARIAN: DS HS MS Vane Vacuum Pumps, Triscroll TS, SH Dry scroll Vacuum Pumps, HS Diffusion Vacuum Pumps, VHS, NHS
  • ANEST - IWATA: ISP dry scroll vacuum pumps
  • BECKER: vacuum pumps and dry vane compressors DT, T, DVT, KVT, KDT, VTLF, DVTLF, X, DX, KDX, KVX, VX, VXLF, DVXLF, PICCHIO, lubricated vacuum pumps U1, U2, U3 , U4 and U5
  • BUSCH VACUUM: lubricated vacuum pumps R5, RA, RC, KB, EVA, PB, MINK vacuum pumps and dry beak compressors, HUCKEPACK HO waste oil vacuum pumps, PANDA roots, SECO vacuum pumps and dry vane compressors SV SD DC
  • CTI - BROOKS: CT OB cryogenic pumps, adsorbers
  • DVP: LA LB LC lubricated vane pumps, vacuum pumps and dry vane compressors CA CB CC SA SB SC
  • EDWARDS VACUUM: RV lubricated vane vacuum pumps, SPEEDIVAC E1M E2M, dry scroll vacuum pumps: ESDP, GVSP, nXDS, XDS, dry vacuum pumps GV, DP, QDP, iQDP, iH, iL, roots EH QMB, diffusion pumps EO HT 18B4
  • GALILEO: VACSOUND series D lubricated vane vacuum pumps
  • KINNEY - TUTHILL: oscillating piston vacuum pumps KC KT KTC GKT
  • LEYBOLD: lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps TRIVAC A, TRIVAC B, TRIVAC BCS, TRIVAC C, TRIVAC E, SOGEVAC, SOGEVAC B and Bi, SOGEVAC FP, VAROVAC, oscillating piston vacuum pumps E and DK, roots RUVAC WA WAU WS and WSU, SCROLLVAC SC dry scroll vacuum pumps, COOLPACK cryogenic pumps and adsorbers, DIP diffusion pumps
  • MIL'S: EVISA lubricated vane vacuum pumps, ARICA dry vane vacuum pumps
  • ORION: vacuum pumps and dry vane compressors CBF CBX CBXP KRX KRS KRA KRF KH KHA KHF
  • PFEIFFER VACUUM: UNO and DUO lubricated vane vacuum pumps
  • RIETSCHLE: vacuum pumps and dry vane compressors: DTA DTN VTA VTN KTA CL CLFG DCLF DLT KLT TL TR VFT VLT VTB, lubricated vane vacuum pumps VCA VCE VCB VC VCH VGA VCAH VCEH VGC VGD CLFEH
  • STOKES VACUUM: MICROVAC H11 and J14 oscillating piston vacuum pumps, MICROVANE series V vane vacuum pumps, roots 306 310 615
  • VACUBRAND: ME MD MZ MVZ diaphragm dry vacuum pumps


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