JR TECH, spare parts and accessories for vacuum pumps

Your one source of spare parts for your vacuum pumps up to 50% cheaper!

Jr Tech catalog
Jr Tech catalog

20 brands of vacuum pumps, more than 10,000 references

10,000 references for more than 20 brands of vacuum pumps

100,000 vacuum pumps already repaired with our spare parts worldwide

1st independent supplier in europe!

Founded in 1996, JR TECH is a French company specializing in spare parts and accessories for vacuum pumps. 100% independent, without any economic link with the manufacturers, we offer more than 10,000 different parts (gasket sets, repair kits, filters, vanes, rotors, stators, gaskets, etc.) for nearly 20 vacuum pumps or compressors brands (ALCATEL-ADIXEN, ANEST-IWATA, BECKER, BUSCH VACUUM, CTI, DVP, EDWARDS, GALILEO, KINNEY, LEYBOLD, MIL'S, ORION, PFEIFFER VACUUM, PVR, RIETSCHLE, STOKES VACUUM, VACUUB-AGRAND, VAR .. .) at rates up to 50% cheaper than manufacturers.

Original part or adaptable part?

Manufacturers, with the exception of a few specific parts, buy or subcontract a large number of elements on the market: gaskets, bearings, vanes, filters ... to call them original part! As far as possible, we try to identify the original part number to offer you an identical part.

Each JR TECH part has been tested to offer you characteristics at least equivalent to those of the original manufacturer.

We don't have the part you need? We can offer you the manufacturer's part at a competitive price!


Your advantages with JR TECH:

No minimum billing

No minimum quantity

Large stock with replenishment time of less than a week

No serial number required to order

Immediate estimation

Over 30 years of multi-brand experience in vacuum pump maintenance

Possibility to order parts from different manufacturers on the same order

What about your usual supplier?

Our clients

Industrial customers: aeronautics, semiconductors, food processing, printing, packaging, wood processing, nuclear, automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment ...

Research centers: main research centers in France and abroad (CNRS, CEA, INRA, INSERM, CERN ...), prestigious schools (Centrale, Polytechnique, ENS, INSA ...), universities (Paris, Lyon , Lille, Rennes, Nancy, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Marseille, Bordeaux ....)

Repairers: vacuum pumps and compressors, vacuum pumps or compressors integrators , vacuum pumps manufacturers 

Others: resellers and distributors of industrial equipment, purchasing centers

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